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Italian Supreme Court upholds ban on Kirpan

The Italian Supreme Court has upheld the ban on Kirpan, a dagger which is considered sacred in Sikh religion. The court upheld the ban while hearing a plea filed by a Sikh who wanted to carry a Kirpan in public. The court said that migrants need to follow the rules of the region they have chosen to settle in. The court said that this would be applicable even when the rules of a society may be different from the rules of their respective religion.

Announcing its judgment in the case, the court observed, “An attachment to one’s own values, even if they are lawful in the country of origin, is intolerable when it causes violating the laws of the host country. The multi ethnic society is a necessity, but it can’t lead to the formation of conflicting cultural groups of islands according to the ethnicities they’re made up of, precluding the unity of the cultural and judicial fabric of our country, which identifies public safety as an asset to defend and as such bans carrying weapons and objects aimed at injury.”

The Sikh man who was fighting the case has not been named. He had appealed against an order by another court that had fined him 2,000 euros for carrying a knife that measured more than 20 cm. He was caught by police when he was leaving his home in Goito, northern Italy.

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