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ITC Classmate “Be Better Than Yourself” Campaign Sparks A Social Revolution


Marks, marks and more marks – this is all that students normally hear through school and college. This fixation with marks puts tremendous pressure on children, due to which many of them are unable to achieve their full potential. Guilt, low self-esteem and lack of confidence have also been witnessed among students who are unable to achieve the level of marks desired by their parents. Aiming to reverse this negative mindset in the society, ITC Classmate has launched a new campaign based on the theme “Be Better Than Yourself”.

The core message of the ITC Classmate campaign is that parents should avoid putting pressure on their children to compete with their peers. Instead, they should encourage their children to improve their own achievements, aka “Be Better Than Yourself”. The idea is that if children learn to compete against themselves, they will be able to make progress at their own pace. They can excel in their studies without the burden of negative competition from other students. Every child has a different learning curve and potential, which is why we should not force them to get top marks in their class. The fact that your child is showing improvement, is a reason enough to celebrate and to encourage them to reach for the next level.

With a revolutionary message for social change, ITC Classmate TVC has gone beyond the conventional idea of a marketing campaign. It seeks to bring tangible changes in the society, so that children can pursue their personal goals and ambitions. It’s a crusade against the prevailing trend of comparing children with other children, in terms of their marks and other achievements. The message is meant for all stakeholders, including students, parents, and teachers, so that the existing methods of force, fear and intimidation can be effectively replaced with self-motivation. ITC Classmate “Be Better Than Yourself” campaign reminds everyone that achieving success is all about unlocking one’s full potential. With positive encouragement, children can better their performance with every passing day.

ITC Classmate “Be Better Than Yourself” campaign has been launched simultaneously across television, OOH, digital and social media platforms.

The campaign appears to have hit the right note with the consumers, as plenty of positive reviews are pouring in from across the country. People are also sharing their inspirational #BeBetterThanYourself stories on the web (, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You too can share your story on any of these platforms to inspire others and be a part of this social revolution.

With a positive response from all stakeholders, ITC Classmate “Be Better Than Yourself” campaign has succeeded in bringing about a positive change in social mindsets and perceptions. As more and more people join this social revolution, our children will be able to excel and achieve success in their chosen domain. They will be able to bloom in a pressure-free, happier environment that will allow them to achieve their full potential.

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