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Jailing of democracy activists attracts protests by thousands in Hong Kong

The fight for democracy has flared up once again in Hong Kong. After three democracy activists were arrested and jailed, thousands of pro-democracy supporters took to the streets in protest in Hong Kong. The three democracy activists who were sent to jail are Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow. They were among the top leaders in the 2014 Umbrella Movement rallies. They were sentenced to eight months jail after the court found that their protests had led to widespread pro-democracy protests that lasted for many months. Thousands of supporters today braved the summer heat to fill the streets in protest. The massive crowds travelled from the district of Wan Chai to the Court of Final appeal, which is located at the center of Hong Kong Island.

The protest rally organized today is among the biggest such rallies organized in recent history of pro-democratic rallies. One of the protestors said that the jailing of democracy activists is the beginning of white terror in Hong Kong. Another activist said that such young people are the future of the country and they should not be jailed for peaceful protests. Most of the protestors were of the opinion that China is increasing its grip on Hong Kong and the jailing of the pro-democracy activists was political persecution.

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