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Jallikattu claims two lives in Pudukottai

After Jallikattu was organized in Tamil Nadu on Sunday, reports have come in that two people have lost their lives in Pudukottai. The two people who died have been identified as 32-year-old Mohan and Raja, 35. The deaths occurred when these men were in the process of holding on to a bucking bull, in an effort to tame it. They were taken to a hospital, but due to their severe injuries, they died on the way.


The incident yet again highlights the potential threat to life and limb, both to the people involved and the bulls. It may be recalled that earlier this Saturday, Tamil Nadu Governor had approved an ordinance, paving the way for Jallikattu to be organized this year.

However, not everyone is satisfied with the ordinance being put in place since it will be effective for only six months. Many locals are demanding a permanent solution to clear all roadblocks for Jallikattu. The local people in Madurai’s Alanganallur, where Chief Minister O Panneerselvam had planned to inaugurate the event, did not celebrate the event, saying that Jallikattu will be organized in Alanganallur only after a ‘permanent solution’ is found. Joining the locals are thousands of people who are continuing their protest against Jallikattu ban at Marina Beach in Chennai.

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