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Janani launches India’s first Home Semen Collection kit in Mumbai

Mumbai, August 2021: Janani, a digital platform for end-to-end reproductive and sexual health solutions, launches India’s first Home Semen Collection kit in Mumbai. This first-of-a-kind technology was previously introduced in Bangalore in May 2021 and has seen a remarkable response, achieving a triple-digit growth rate within the first 2 months. Owing to this overwhelmingly positive response received in Bangalore, Janani plans to expedite its expansion and make the test available in at least 5 other cities in India by the end of 2021.

1 in every 4 couples in developing countries have been found to be affected by infertility. Infertility rates among young men and women are rising because of changing lifestyles. Issues like stress, late marriages, etc., and a sedentary lifestyle have led to a lot of infertility-related issues. Going by current estimates, around 20% of Indian couples experience problems with infertility.

Janani’s vision is to enable all sexually active adults to be informed about their reproductive and sexual health. Mainstream fertility analysis requires men to visit a clinic in order to deposit their semen samples. Given the social taboos around sexual health and the lack of privacy at clinics, most men opt out of getting their fertility tested. However, the ground-breaking, at-home semen collection technology has been a major breakthrough in that regard and has encouraged more men to seek fertility solutions and to feel comfortable doing so.

Semen testing from home previously posed a logistical challenge due to the quick mortality of the sperm outside the human body. However, led by their co-founder and award-winning andrologist, Dr. S S Vasan, Janani has developed a unique media that, when added to semen keeps the sample viable for much longer. This medium allows a sample to be stored without any damage to the sperm for up to 8 hours in non-laboratory conditions, thus providing enough time for the sample to be collected from the home and be brought to the laboratory for testing.

Once a person orders the Advanced Semen Analysis from Janani, the DIY semen testing kit is shipped and delivered to their doorstep in discreet packaging. The customer then has to follow the simple instructions in the kit and deposit his sample in the container provided. The sample is picked up by a phlebotomist at the pre-selected time as set by the customer and delivered to Janani’s labs for testing. A comprehensive and personalised report is then sent to the customer within 24 hours of sample pick up.

The Advanced Semen Analysis has seen an exceptional 400%+ month-on-month growth between June and July in Bangalore. Janani hopes this number will further increase significantly with Mumbai being serviceable now.

Speaking on the launch, Nilay Mehrotra, Founder, Janani, said “Male infertility has been on the rise, and yet, infertility is still largely associated with women in India. At Janani, we want to change this by offering innovative solutions that would help men feel comfortable, and hence, come forward for fertility tests. We are overwhelmed with the response we received in Bangalore. There is a pressing need for evolved technology-based offerings to break the stigma surrounding the fertility/sexual health space in India. We are excited to expand our services to Mumbai, and subsequently to other major cities in India. As a brand, we are aggressively planning to expand to tier-2 and tier-3 cities as well, where Janani, as a digital service, can make a huge social impact. ”

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