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Jay Amit Shah becomes the opposition’s latest weapon to target BJP

Jay Amit Shah, son of BJP president Amit Shah, has become the opposition’s weapon of choice to target the BJP. Almost all top leaders from the opposition are utilizing this opportunity to tarnish BJP’s clean image. Political pundits said that this is in a series of attacks by opposition forces to break the clean image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP. The opposition is often unable to form consensus on other matters, but when it comes to targeting BJP, everyone jumps in to form a united force. After news portal published an investigative report wherein Jay Amit Shah’s business recorded a growth of 16,000 times in a year, all opposition leaders have united to berate Shah, Modi and BJP.

Rahul Gandhi, Kapil Sibal, Ashutosh, Sitaram Yechury, Derek O’Brien and many more opposition leaders have been spewing venom on BJP since the report was published. It’s like saying that sons and daughters of politicians should stop making a living once their father is elected. And these people continue with their diatribe even when Jay Amit Shah has clearly said that all his transaction have been done through legal channels and are open to inspection. Experts said that this attack on Jay and BJP may have arisen from the investigations being conducted against the son of Congress leader P Chidambaram. It can also be an attempt to tarnish BJP’s clean image ahead of the assembly polls in Gujarat. Considering that the opposition leaders are just shouting and not actually filing a case with the court clearly reveals what their intentions might be.

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