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JEE Advanced- Paper 1

Analysis by Dr. Sridhar G, Managing Director, Ace Creative Learning Pvt. Ltd

The first innings of JEE Advanced paper left students with easy physics and Chemistry. Mathematics paper was moderately difficult. This year, the chemistry paper was a bit different compared to last year as there were options for matrix match questions. The negative markings were allotted only for Part B (-2) and Part C (-1), said, Dr. Sridhar G, Managing Director, Ace Creative Learning Pvt. Ltd.

The standard of the question paper was good in Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics paper was a real JEE Advanced paper.


The Chemistry paper was easier compared to the last year. There were 14 easy level questions, 4 moderate level and only 2 difficult questions. An average student can score between 50 and 55. As mentioned, the matrix match questions did not have options. Overall, the chemistry was a good paper.


The Physics paper was moderate and of the same level compared to last year. There were 6 easy level questions, 11 moderate level and 3 difficult level questions. An average student can score between 40 and 45. This year, there were Multiple correct answer sections as well as Single correct answers section.  Overall the paper was good.


The Mathematics paper was moderately difficult.  There were only 2 easy level questions, 13 moderate level and 5 difficult level questions. The paper was time consuming as students had to solve a question with more steps involved. An average student can score between 30 and 35.

Rahul Jana, student of Deeksha Network said, “The paper was moderate. I could complete all the answers. But I felt tough in Mathematics paper. Physics and Chemistry was manageable. I might score above 100”.

“I had no time for Mathematics. There were few complex questions in Physics and Chemistry which involved a lot of solving techniques. I might score around 110,”said, Manas Borah, student of Deeksha Network.

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