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JEE Analysis 24th February – Session 1

Overall the paper was Moderate to Easy and the Paper was balanced. Almost all topics covered in every subject, students could complete in the given time. If we compare the difficulty level, we can say Maths >Chemistry >Physics.

A total of 30 questions were asked from each subject, of which 20 were MCQ and 10 integer types.  Out of 10 integers as per the new pattern, only 5 need to be attempted.

While appearing for the exam if the student has attempted the 5 questions, then the remaining 5 questions cannot be marked for integer types.

If we compare this paper with last years, it was relatively easy, and the portion of class 12th syllabus was seemingly prominent in this session.

Subject Wise Feedback 


30 Question (20 MCQ +10 Numerical value-based)

Overall, the Paper was calculative & lengthy compare to chemistry & Physics.

Almost all Topics were covered

Integer type of question was lengthy and calculative.


30 Question (20 MCQ +10 Numerical value-based)

The chemistry part was moderate to easy.

Major focus on organic chemistry compared to Physical & Inorganic chemistry

The syllabus of standard 12th was more than the 11th.

All topics covered in papers and papers were moderate to easy, they finished before the given timeline.


30 Question (20 MCQ +10 Numerical value-based)

The difficulty level of physics was easy.

Integer type questions were calculative only.

The Paper was easy, so it finished before the given timeline.

By Ajay Kumar Sharma, National Academic Director (Engineering)

Aakash Educational Services Ltd. (AESL)

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