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JEE Main Paper 24th Feb Shift 2 Analysis

Paper of 3 hours of PCM
Each section 30 questions with choice of 5 questions in integer type
Decimals were removed only answers to be in integers in integer type.
Chemistry there were usual questions.
Rest questions were from s block & inorganic was dominant, 3 questions solutions & organic name reactions. 1 question from flame test.


2 questions from semiconductors, 1 question from percentage errors 1 question from AC circuit 1 question from rotation no question from rotation. Questions from modern physics, current electricity & thermodynamics, SHM no ques from ray optics 1 question from wave optics.


Paper Was not lengthy questions from coordinate geometry was dominant, calculus was minor, 1 question from matrices & 2 ques determinant vectors & 3D & one question from P&C

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