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Jewar-Bulandshahr rape case turns mysterious; no evidence of rape in preliminary reports

The Jewar-Bulandshahr case has turned mysterious since the initial medical examination has not found any evidence of rape. It may be recalled that the 4 women had alleged that they were dragged out of the car and raped. However, things may change since the forensic reports will take two to three weeks to finalize. Sources said that there seems to something very wrong with the case since the beginning, especially in the way the police handled the case. It is also being said that the original complaint filed by the women was only about murder and robbery and the rape charge may have been added later due to reasons that are yet to be ascertained. Even in the video that the police team had recorded at the time of reaching the crime scene showed that victims were only talking about murder and robbery.

There are speculations that the victims may have tried to fabricate the information given to police at a later stage. In that case, action might be taken against the victims for making false charges. However, a lenient view will be taken since they have certainly undergone the trauma of witnessing a murder and robbery. The police are probing other angles to the case as well.

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