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JFrog Predictions for 2021

Developers as rainmakers

As the world is powered by software, developers become game changers in many organizations, they are not only enablers but decision makers. The developer community and how fast it’s scaled, is the driving force for change in many industries. We are already starting to see this in India where more and more attention is paid to developers and a greater understanding of just how important they are.

Security is Quality

Software organizations are in a constant battle between delivery speed and delivery quality. The faster they move the greater the chances they end up with a lower-quality product. Most are in a race to do things fast and also instill quality into the product. What many may not consider is that security is one aspect of quality. Organizations using lots of third-party components in applications must pay special care to security if they want to continue to rely on 3rd-party dependencies for re-use and accelerated delivery, and handle these in an automated way throughout the pipeline.. We’ll see more companies implement security safeguards very early on in their development process to combat this.

Everything Cloud

The pandemic has forced enterprises to move much of their operations online. A big part of this is the automation of cloud infrastructure setup and updates. Right now, most of the solutions for securing the cloud setup are an “after the fact” kind of solution and alert you once your cloud infrastructure has already exhibited a misconfiguration that can be compromised. We’re going to see the cybersecurity market for cloud infrastructure mature to solutions that take a more proactive approach to ensuring secure cloud config before unsecured changes reach the real cloud.

Permanently enabling remote work

To support remote teams worldwide, as well as enable developer productivity, IT needs to provide as much of the tools of the trade and dev/test environments as on-demand cloud services. This will reduce the management overhead to install and operate the complex DevOps toolchain itself and the environments that developers rely on, as well as ensure global coverage, scale, and self-service seamless experience.In a world where isolation and distribution of teams and processes is the reality, fully automated, quality-trusted, tools and cloud services that enable continuous delivery as well as seamless collaboration become much more critical for DevOps teams to ensure that software delivery never stops!


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