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JioPhone registers 6 million bookings in one day; 10 million expressions of interest

The numbers are out and they are significant. Sources have revealed that JioPhone, India’s first 4G feature phone, has received 6 million bookings in a single day. This is why the company had to close the booking window in face of the massive demand. The bookings for JioPhone, both online and offline, opened on August 24 and closed on the same day after the massive response from customers. The numbers are sure to make competing telecom operators lose their sleep. Reliance Jio also said that around 10 million expressions of interest have been received from people all across the country. The expressions of interest come from cities as well as small towns and villages.

JioPhone deliveries were originally planned for the second week of September, but looking at the steep demand, it is possible that deliveries may be delayed by a week’s time. Jio also said that it will inform customers as soon as it will resume the booking process. Meanwhile, Airtel has also launched an Rs 399 plan which looks quite the same as the Rs 399 plan currently being offered by Jio. Other telecom operators have also announced similar plans to be able to compete with Jio. Competing telecom operators are also planning to launch their own 4G feature phones, but Jio will gain since it has the first-mover advantage.

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