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JivanMizuri – the man behind B&J

A rising star in international trading, Kurdish entrepreneur JivanMizuri is redefining overseas trading. He is the founder of B & J Company, which was established is 2016 and still running. JivanMizuri, or JivanQasim Saleem Mizuri, was born in Erbil, capital of Kurdistan region of Iraq. After completing his education from the University of Cihan in Erbil, he set out to carve a path of his own. At a very young age of 18, Jivan had the necessary business acumen which enabled him to start his first entrepreneurial venture in China. After the struggles of his initial years in the business, he moved to Ankara and currently shifts between Istanbul, Dubai, and Erbil, depending on his business commitments.

Jivan founded and set up his current venture B &J Company along with his partner Blend, with the idea of trading across Istanbul, Dubai, London, and Erbil. The company actively engages in currency and oil trading and plans to expand further and beyond its present boundaries. There are currently 40 employees actively working in the team. Before he founded his first venture JivanMizuri was working individually in Erbil, Dubai, and China for eight years. He earned abundant market knowledge and industry experience in oil and gas while working with Crescent and Dana Gas Company, based out of Erbil and Sharjah. This gave him the necessary exposure that he needed to set out on his trading venture. One of the key clients of B &J is the Rolsen Group in Erbil, which also works as their investment partner.

Besides being an entrepreneur, JivanMizuri is also a multi-faceted individual. His linguistic skills span five languages and he is adept in English, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Kurdish (which is also his native language). When he is not strategizing his next business move, or closing an international deal, he is busy exploring religious views and immerse himself in religious literature.

Highly inclined toward the Quran and Bible, he finds it stimulating to study and debate on perspectives towards different religions. Where most successful entrepreneurs attribute their success to a great vision, right approach, and exceptional business strategy, JivanMizuri attribute it to destiny and the consider it to be a blessing from Almighty.

A trader, entrepreneur, debater, speaker, and motivator, JivanMizuri is setting an example of doing international trading differently by blending traditional beliefs with modern methods and approaches.

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