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Journey of Indian cosmetic queen- Dr. Aarti Bhasin

My journey of Skinford has been very interesting- since childhood, I was passionate about skin and used to read all Cosmetology journals to explore everything about skin. There started my dream, that’s today a reality. I devoted my time to plan how we can come up with something miraculous, transformational quality product that can help everyone to get flawless skin texture and help them to boost their confidence.

So we came up with Skinford by Dr. Bhasin’s where we were blessed to gather the information from our three generations. The products that we have our result of intensive research and personal testing over the years as it is cruelty-free, steroid-free, and no harsh chemicals and suitable for all skin types. We are so proud to share this secret with this world now. My brother believed and I did it. Lastly, I have always quoted and believed personally “IF MY SKIN LOOKS GOOD I CAN HANDLE ANYTHING “

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