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Just hunt out the latent talents of a – LIPSTICK!

lipstick-1Pursuant to the prudent people of the world – the world itself is nothing else but a spectrum – a fruition of the fusion of several types of colors actually. We are surrounded by colors. Colors are all – around us. We love colors. We live in colors. We can’t leave colors – in our integral lifespan at all! We dine colors. We drink colors. We die for colors. We din with colors. We relish fetes with colors. We buckle ourselves with colors. We breathe colors. We lie down on colors. We glue colors – when ever and where ever we can. We are absolutely season to apply colors on the different parts of our faces – like eyes, cheeks, lips even – yes, we have the wont to pick up color cosmetics regularly or as per our requirements – since the earliest stage of civilization. – It is said by the historians that the Sumerian gentlemen and ladies are the pioneers to apply colors in the lips as the form of lip color or lipstick. They started this currency – 5,000 years back from today’s era (it is a stride history indeed).

Anyways, it would not be an exaggeration, if we aver – now we can’t imagine about a lipstick free world even.
Yes, no one can exile lipstick from oneself now.

lipstick-2Lipstick is one of the essential yet pivotal beauty/fashion tools – (not a subdued one at all). The staple job of a lipstick is to make our lips colorful therefore. But we can use it differently also. –

Lipstick has the talisman to protect your lips from the tig of the merciless sun ray very diligently. Just use it as the sunscreen of your lips – barring any hesitation.

It will act as a lip balm – a very useful tool to protect your lips from the dehydration also.

It will protect your lips from the skin cancer even.

You don’t need to shop a lip gloss. Opt a plump of Vaseline and add to the tip of the lipstick then apply on the lips – to make it glossy.

You don’t need to buy a blusher for your lovely cheeks again. Just opt a lipstick as a substitute of the blusher.

lipstick-3Use a red lipstick by mixing it with other lipsticks.

  • A lipstick can be used as an eye shadow.
  • Apply a nude lipstick on your eyelids then yield them a colourful look with the help of a colourful lipstick carefully.
  • You can opt a lipstick to use as a temporary hair highlighter too.
  • Lipstick can be used to buckle our tattoos even (it is a very difficult task indeed. Just apply a red lipstick on the entire pale then use a concealer and lastly add some loose power.).
  • You can use your lipstick as a concealer as well.
  • Your lipstick will help you to paint something.
  • It would be used as a marker.
  • You can use your lipstick as an unique pen to write something.
  • You can use a lipstick to hide the scratches of your foot wear too.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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