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Kaneez Surka With Harshita Dagha On Improv Comedy Battle, Sustenance Of Art And Pursuing Hobbies In Pandemic

In a world where la comédie predominantly relies on audience reactions and a reassuring ambience, how stand-up is managing to whet the audience’s appetite in a pandemic situation is of interest, for all and sundry.
Comedian Kaneez Surka, who has quite shaken the world of improv with her smooth wit and piquant comebacks explains how comedy eventuates from home. “Digital has impacted comedy a lot and I’m seeing the numbers on my social media and they’re multiplying.” She adds, “YouTube helps reach out a larger audience and across the globe so digital has really helped that way.”
From South Africa to India, her life is imbued with anecdotes merged with her natural flair for comedy, inevitably making Surka a fan-favourite icon.
“She lights up the screen wherever she goes,” Mumbai based media industry expert, Shonell Thakker, CEO, Diquery Digital, comments on Surka’s strong stage presence.
In a ‘new normal’ era where popular comedians like Atul Khatri, Rahul Subraminian, Zakir Khan among others are maximising social media platforms to bring laughter to us, we can sense an artist comes by anyway – and that hope, talent, ideas never fade.
Since comedy has temporarily shifted to digital completely, comedians reach their audiences better on socials. One of these is surely the social media hit, Improv Comedy Battle, where Kaneez is no stranger.
Kaneez talks about her experience about starting the Improv Comedy Battle on a different(non-stage) medium,“Tanmay pushed me into doing the Improv Comedy Battle and I was glad I did it. But I do it once a week because I like to find the balance between work and life and want to do it at my comfort. I don’t like to push myself a lot.”
Talking about work-life balance in these thorny times, Kaneez has her crafty ways of unwinding. We have seen her pancakes—(not crepes)—Instagram video. She informs us, “Oh! There are a lot of things I’m doing right now. I’ve never baked and I’m learning how to bake and chopping and eating vegetables which I had never done before. It’s a great experience.” She further adds, “Apart from cooking I’m also reading. Bombay Meri Jaan is what I’m currently reading. It’s by multiple authors and it’ll make you fall in love with Mumbai all over again.”
Finally, we had to ask her what she prefers more: the stage or digital platforms?
She signs off, “I definately miss the stage. There’s nothing like performing live in front of an audience.”

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