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Karan Says ‘No matter what, Kajol is out of my life’

There have been much reporting done already on fall out between Karan Johar and Kajol. Much of it was highlighted during the launch of KJo’s autobiography, where he spoke in detail about the ‘bitter’ chapter between the two.

Recently, in one of the interview, Karan Johar again spoke about it and said that it was Ajay Devgn who ruined their relationship. He stated “He called me and shouted at me and said some really nasty things because he heard at a party that I’d said some things about his wife. I just felt that heresay cannot be the reason for anyone to pick up the phone and say unsavoury things to anyone else. You have to give me the chance to defend myself, “ the filmmaker said and added that he would forgotten that incident as well but later Kajol supporting her husband during the KRK controversy was the final nail in the coffin.

“He put out a statement sayingthere should be an investigation and she retweeted it saying ‘SHOCKING’. And that was it. I felt she should’ve not allowed her husband to say such things about me & even if he had, she shouldn’t have endorsed and thirdly she should’ve picked up the phone and called me and said sorry for that entire situation. I’d like to say & I stand by it is that this is not a phase, a feeling that will change. No matter what, she’s out of my life.”


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