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Karnataka announces free education for all girls up to graduation

The Karnataka government has announced a major decision today, wherein all girls in the state will get free education till graduation. The free education scheme would be applicable from Class 1 to graduation. The scheme will be available in all public and aided private schools and colleges from the next academic year. Only professional institutions will be exempted from the new scheme. It may be recalled that similar schemes have been launched by other states as well. A similar scheme was launched in Telangana where girls would get free education from kindergarten to post graduation. Similarly, Punjab had also launched a scheme for free education for girls up to PhD level.

The Karnataka government has earmarked a budget of Rs 110 crore for the scheme. Karnataka higher education minister Basavaraj Rayareddi said that the state government is hopeful that only poor parents would apply for the scheme and benefit from it. He also said that the government is not trying to copy the scheme; rather, the free education for girls is a basic facility that should be implemented all across the country. To opt for the scheme, the student will first have to pay the fees and later get it reimbursed from the government. The scheme will also prevent girls from dropping out, which if very common in the state, especially in case of girls coming from poor financial background.

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