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Karnataka CID to Investigate Class 12 question paper leak for the second time 

When Class 10 and 12 boards are almost around the corner then almost every year, cases of question papers getting leaked make headlines. Not only students, it has also been observed that many teachers and parents to have been helping them out in such unethical practices. Recently the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have been entrusted with the investigation of the leakage of question papers pertaining to the Pre-University Course Board Final Examinations (Class 12th of Karnataka PU Board). The Chemistry (New Syllabus) examination was scheduled for the 21st March 2016 and noticing that the question paper for the examination was out in public domain, the PU Board cancelled the examination and subsequently lodged a police complaint to investigate the matter. For the second time in Karnataka PU board decided to postpone the pre-university course examination for the second time in the last ten days. The irresponsibility of the PU board has affected over 1.4 lakh students. The common entrance test is a gateway for various courses. As per the PU Board has assured saying no such things will happen again. Then, why has this happened?” Because of their negligence students, future are at stake. The question arise How is it that they cannot protect a single question paper?. On social media site twitter handle CID team has alert the PU Board by saying, ” @CIDKarnataka alerted #PUBoard reg leakage of re-exam paper and Thnx 2 alert citizens 4 sharing”

The unscrupulous and illegal acts of few individuals affected the preparations and future of 172,504 students who were registered to take this exam. The students are put to enormous hardship and stress so is their parents and also the teachers who spent their valuable time, resources to focus on the preparation of the students.

In a similar incident of 2012, CID has successfully investigated the leakage of PUC Examination Question papers and we place on record the tremendous amount of support and sharing of information received from all the sections of the society. Curbing this kind of illegal criminal acts and playing with the lives of lakhs of young children by certain unscrupulous elements needs to be curbed and dealt with an iron hand.

Pratap Reddy, IPS Additional Director General of Police, CID said, “CID has pressed into service experienced investigators including Cyber Crime and Technical Experts to investigate the case from all angles. However, the fact that, the PUC examinations are still going on and any questioning of students attending the exam,  is being considered with utmost sensitivity by the CID. We in CID would request the students and parents, teachers and administrators of colleges, officials connected with the PU Board Exams to share with CID any information in full confidence to us. The information shared by you will be kept confidential.”

It is being seen that during investigations that, information pertaining to the leaked question papers was shared via MMS, Messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, e-mail etc. It is hereby advised to one and all who may have received, shared such information on any medium to ensure that the same is ‘’NOT DELETED” at any cost. You are requested to share such information to CID to facilitate, help and support investigations. Any information if found deleted wantonly with a view to hamper the investigations, the person responsible will be charged.

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