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Kashmir Valley: Flooded by Nature

download (1)Jammu and Kashmir the state placed at the crown place in India’s map is facing one of the worst time it has ever seen. The state is battling worst floods in decades with rivers flooding the entire state with heavy rains.  The NDRF, Indian Air force and Army is doing a massive round the clock operations to rescue as many life’s as possible. Till date more than 2, 00,000 people have been rescued with the efforts of defence forces and Disaster management.

The death toll which is currently around 200 is expected to go up as the water clears away and communication with remote areas is established. There are still many areas where communication still could not be established due to lack of communication lines. The worry of water borne diseases is going up day by day as the valley still remains flooded at large.

The demand of clean drinking water was going up day by day and the Indian government has moved into swift action to tackle the same. RO plants with capacity around 4 lakh litres to clear the water were sent to the valley in addition to water purifying pills.

Efforts were being made by BSNL to restore communication lines within the state; additional equipment has been transferred to the state to restore the necessary communication lines at the earliest. Tents, water, blankets, food and other necessary equipment were being continuously pushed into the valley by the defence forces. Northern command had requested the Gurudwara Committee in Amritsar to daily pack food for about a lakh people to be airlifted and dropped in the valley.

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In recent developments Jammu and Kashmir national Highway opened after 13 days closure due to incessant rainfall triggering landslides.  The road previously was completely washed away in the RAMBAN district. About a stench of 300 meters was completely washed away in ramban district leaving nothing but an 80 degree slope.

Heartiest gratitude to the defence forces for their dedicated efforts to save people in the valley. Regards

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