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KBJ Group ventures into manufacturing and export of precious and alternative jewellery, launches Avyaan Bullion and Jewellery

The KBJ Group, a long-standing name in the league of leading conglomerates, has established a new venture. Led by KBJ Group’s current executive director AkshaKamboj and named Avyaan Bullion and Jewellery, the company is KBJ’s third venture in the jewellery sector. Founded in 2005 by MohitKamboj aka MohitBharatiya, KBJ Group began its journey with its jewellery company called KBJ Bullion and Jewellery.

Named after AkshaKamboj and MohitKamboj aka MohitBharatiya’s son AvyaanKamboj, this company will be exploring new avenues in the jewellery market. “Precious and alternative jewellery have a lot of potential in India. Avyaan Bullion and Jewellery will explore this potential and enhance it,” AkshaKamboj said. KBJ Group has already witnessed good success with Mishka Bullion and Jewellery, a company named after MishkaKamboj- AvyaanKamboj and MohitKamboj aka MohitBharatiya’s daughter.

Furthermore, KBJ Group has said that Avyaan Bullion and Jewellery does not aim to stop only at manufacturing but will also explore other facets. “Our plan is very dynamic. We will be working at manufacturing, designing, importing, and exporting the jewellery,” revealed AkshaKamboj, talking about the long-term plans for Avyaan Bullion and Jewellery. Precious and alternative metal jewellery offers a lot of versatility and style, making it an ideal option for a large set of customers- both within the country and internationally.

A firm background in the jewellery business with MohitKamboj aka MohitBharatiya’s experience and AkshaKamboj’s fine sense of entrepreneurship look very promising for Avyaan Bullion and Jewellery.

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