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Keep a sanitary pad with you – always, it is too useful – everywhere!

sanitary padsA proverb is not a matter of guffaw or despise. It is not a matter of oblivion or dissonance or a siren or a fog or a misconception or perky or notoriety also. It is not a gab or saga even. It is a malfunction, a pedal – which is the pedestal of an integrated precision to accomplish or snuggle an unpredictable quest actually. It is replenished notch. Don’t shun it. It won’t submerge or numb you. It can morph you rather.

We all know about the proverb – ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed!’We all also know the fact – how verity this particular of proverbs is.

A sanitary napkin is not a seer only; it is the stuff – which is an unadulterated peer, a friend in need – indeed – in the very life of a girl – who has crossed the border of her childhood actually.

It is not a matter of jest or quirk. It will help you out in your crisis jiffies in fact.

It doesn’t allow you to become ashamed, repined or embarrassed.

Sanitary napkin, sanitary towel, sanitary pad, menstrual pad, or pad – there are a manifold of forms of the particular stuff – which is used as almost a compulsive absorbent circumstance of a lady – during her menstruation (the most trustable symbol of her fertility) period.

Ladies are season to use (can’t repeal or shun actually) several stuffs to absorb the flows of bloods from there vaginal notches – while they experience the period of menstruation – since the civilization took birth – as a matter of fact! Yet, history declared about a menstruation absorbent stuff very first time at 10th century (Suda). There, we can learn about a lady (Hypatia) – who was living in the 4th century AD and had been using a rag to absorb the blood of menstruation. Yet, we are using disposable menstrual napkins since 1888 actually. At the early days, these pads were using for the wounded soldiers. It is really a very useful stuff yet can be used for various niches –

*It can blot the blood flow from vagina after an abortion or vaginal surgery or a child birth.
*You can dry your dishes by using a sanitary napkin very easily.
*Use it in a mini cutting board – to absorb the annexe savours and for a tantivy tidy up as well.
*Your Silverware can be polished with a pad.
*Bacon grease can be absorbed by a pad.
*Sum up an iota of oil in the napkin – just to use that to grease the baking surfaces.
*A sanitary napkin can be used as a disposable butter dish even.
*Use it as a disposable spoon rest – while you are cooking (be careful about the flame and heat).
*Clean up your fruits and vegetables then mop up them with the help of a sanitary napkin very easily.
*Use sanitary napkins as the breast pads.
*Just place sanitary pads into your footwear. They will soak your sweat – surely.

By: Mithu Ghoshal




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