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Kerala jihadist killed in Afghanistan

People influenced by warped Islamic mindset are ending up giving their lives for no good reason, and in turn, causing great misery and pain to their family and loved ones. In one such case, a Kerala resident Hafesudheen Theke Koleth has reportedly died in Afghanistan’s war-torn Nangarhar district. His family residing in Kerala received the news through the Telegram app, an encrypted messaging platform. The message was sent by another Kerala jihadist living in Nangarhar. Hafesudheen was 24 years old and lived on Padanna in Kerala’s Kasaragod. He was among the group of 25 Kerala residents who had gone to join the Islamic State (IS) with the goal to build a truly Islamic society.

The message received by Hafesudheen’s family says that God must be praised as he has attained martyrdom. Further, it says that the others are also waiting for their turn to attain martyrdom. The message ends with a quote picked up from a passage in Quran. However, intelligence agencies have not yet been able to confirm the death of Hafesudheen. They say that ground conditions in Nangarhar are extremely chaotic, which makes it difficult to verify the deaths of people.

Hafesudheen may have died believing in getting Jannat (paradise), but even his family does not believe in his thinking. After receiving the news of Hafesudheen’s death, his father said that he was an Indian and he does not wish to see his son’s corpse.

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