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Kesh Nikhar brings Herbal Shampoo to revive Hair Locks

Our hair is as a crown on our head and the first thing which the others see when they look at us. Some times, if our hair is shag and unhealthy, it may gives a wrong impression among others.

I really like my black long hair, but I used to find it very hard to keep it shiny and free flowing. Few months ago, I was in the mall looking for a product which can provide me with a lustrous and strong hair. Actually, I found many products of different brands, so I was confused which I can choose. Eventually, I found Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo. I read that it carries the secrets of Ayurveda which is very useful for hair, and it comes with extra conditioning formula. I looked to its ingredients, It has various pure herbal and natural ones including Reetha, Shikakai, Amla and Coconut oil.

Those four ingredients are crucial for a healthy hair since:

  • Reetha eliminates bacteria.
  • Shikakai prevents dandruff and thickens the hair making it stronger.
  • Amla stops any premature graying of hair.
  • Coconut oil adds luster, glow and softness.

Additionally, Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo suits all kinds of hair and suits both men and women, so I and my husband can use it everyday to make our hair more shiny and beautiful.

Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo has been packed in 3 sizes user friendly containers:

100ML costs Rs.50/.

500ML costs Rs.150/.

1000ML costs Rs.230/.

Moreover, it is available at all shopping centers, paharmacies and  major online retailers.

The pure herbals and natural ingredients found in Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo has made it a must buy for every single individual especially those having rough and thick hair. I use this shampoo daily, and I recommend this remedial which provides beautiful, healthy and long hair for everyone.

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