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Kim Kardashian’s robbers claim they melted all her jewellery except the wedding ring

The robbery at Kim Kardashian’s residence in Paris was a big mastermind plan. And now when the alleged robber is in custody, he claimed that all her jewelry — except her engagement ring — is gone. According to reports, all of the pieces they allegedly stole were taken apart, melted down and sold in Antwerp. Kim’s 20-carat emerald cut diamond ring is reportedly valued at $4 Million.

“We all made the decision to melt them [down],” he said, according to the newspaper. “One of the people took care of it.” Khedache, one of ten people charged in connection with the robbery said “there is a person who has it (the wedding ring)… Everyone was afraid to sell, because it’s a stone that’s very easily spotted.”

kimkardishannewspatrolling“For the jewelry never to be recognized, we made the decision to melt them,” Khedache reportedly said in his testimony. “One of the people took care of it. He came back with bars … in all, there had to be 800 and a few grams, which gave an amount of ah … 25,000 or 28,000 [euros], something like that.”

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