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kishwar Merchant and suyyash Rai -Two soulmates who are in deeply love getting together forever

As we heard that love has no limit and it is blind.When you are in love with someone,you feel and get everything is beautiful about the person with whom you are in love.Even the age gap can’t stop you to love that person who understand you very well or who love. You very much.For that person you can fight for whole world.
All the above things are true in the case of two love birds who are getting hitched very soon.Yes, you are thinking right,h ere we are talking about the most talented and the most cutest couple of television Industry Kishwar Merchant and Suyyash Rai.
Both love birds met each other at the set of Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani in 2010. During the serial shooting both became very good friends and fallen in love with each other.
Recently kishwar Merchant and suyyash Rai both participated in last Bigboss season 9.
There are 8 years age gap between the love birds as kishwar Merchant is 8 years elder from suyyash Rai. Because of the age gap people had always thought that the relationship in between two will not work out.But both love birds have been proved us wrong.
yes, kishwar Merchant and suyyash Rai are getting married in next month and recently completed their pre wedding shoot.
kishwar Merchant and suyyash Rai both wore similar color’s dresses. kishwar was looking outstanding in blue gown and Suyyash was competing her in blue suit with his hotness.
Both have shared their pictures and happiness with us through social media.
You can’t even blink your eyes while watching these picture of their pre wedding shoot which we have collected from their social media page.Both are looking stunning and complementing each other.
We are very happy for both and wishing them love luck and great time a head.
So friends,now what are you waiting for Let’s have a part in their happiness.Wish them by leaving a comment in comment box.

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