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Kittur fort

kittur fort

There are many historical monuments in Karnataka .And one of them is kittur fort . In Karnataka historical monuments are very sacred and they are the evidence that our ancestors show the culture and rich heritage by which we can gain a lot of knowledge .This fort is also an evidence by which we come to know many things about the past and stuggles that our freedom fighters had struggled . There will be many secret tunnels which are far and he place were there enemies would be and to get victory .

It is known as kittur chennamma fort as is associated with rani chennamma who ruled over her place from the fort . It also has old palaces , monuments etc .  It was built by Allppa Gowda Sar Desai 15th ruler of kittur dynasty . Fort is the place from were our brave Rani Chennamma had carried out rebellion again . The fort was built in the peshwaislamic style . It also had a ancient telescope that was kept ina special room , this room was known as ‘pole star vision ’’.

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