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Knitted Clothes: Fashion Details Of 2018

Knitted Clothes

 Do you like warm clothes? And what about the ones of natural materials. The latest fashion trends regarding fall-winter 2018 turn to knitted items of wardrobe again and again. So let’s figure out, why they are so desirable during the coming seasons. The experts of the women’s clothing shop Cattifly will help us with the task.

 First of all, according to Cattifly, knitted clothes are associated with harmony and hygge so popular at the moment. Materials making you feel comfortable are the priority of fashion 2018. Knitted, plaid and ever faux fur products appear on the top lists of fashion must-haves this year. The same thing with comfy cuts and designs. So choose an oversized knitted cardigan and combine it with 100% cotton jeans or wide-leg pants… The outfit will obviously prove you have good taste and are familiar with the fashion news of 2018.

 Second, the experts of Cattifly clarify: as far as their customers say, men prefer knitted dresses to other models. Especially in autumn and winter. Why? The structure of knitted clothes is loaded with the energy of soft femininity. While, for example, silk and polyester are vice versa considered more rebellious. Cozy fabrics are subconsciously associated with harmonious relationships and positive emotions. It sounds more of psychology, but fashion is closely interconnected with the discipline. According to Cattifly, knitted clothes are a good solution in case you need to look fragile. So make sure you have some of them in your wardrobe to make an impression of a woman who needs attention and care.

 Third, the guys from Cattifly confess knitted models of clothes are very good at masking the disadvantages of the figure. And women always want to hide this or that imperfection. The fit of knitted dresses and skirts slightly corrects the silhouette. Moreover, warm knitted sweaters and vests are perfect for improving your natural curves. Yes, we mean what we say. In case you want to look not too slim, opt for a knitted outfit.

Fourth, according to the reports of Cattifly, knitted clothes often appear on top 5 of the most durable materials. The threads and the structure of such models usually serve very long. No matter how often you wear or wash knitted clothes. The only thing really important here is the way you treat them. If you follow the simple instructions on using, washing and drying the knitted items offered by the producer, everything is alright. The team of Cattifly draws your attention to the latter. As many customers send them feedback, starting with “Is it possible to make anything to the spoiled knitted dress/top/pullover, etc?”. Once you ignore the recommendations on the use of your favorite knitted clothes, nothing will make them new and beautiful again.

As far as we discussed the reasons for the popularity of knitted clothes, it’s time to continue the review. And say a few words on what can such goods be matched with in 2018?

As the experts of Cattifly mention, the simpler alternatives you find to combine with knitted clothes, the better. For example, you can create a wonderful set of a knitted dress and a suede jacket this year. Or purchase a knitted skirt with a sheer blouse. In addition you have a chance to make up a super nice duo of a knitted top and non-elastic jeans, as we’ve written earlier. Just remember not to match knitted clothes with very light materials. It’ll spoil your trendy outfit in 2018.

We hope the points mentioned by the experts of Cattifly will help you to understand fashion better. Wearing nice things is great, but knowing why can also be important.

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