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Know about the types of Doshas affecting our health


The five elements of the Earth have a very powerful hold on our body and mind. These five elements are namely, Air, Fire, Water, Ether, and Earth. All the things of Nature contain these elements, but each organism preponderantly has a combination of any two elements. The Doshas are the root to the body, its functions, disorders related to it and the doorway to the mindset. The individuality that you carry is a result of the Dosha that you carry. In fact, the environment you live in, the food that suits you and the remedies that effect are also effects of Doshas. There are mainly three types of Doshas defined in Ayurveda.

  • Vata

This element has Air and Ether as the Primary elements. Vata dosha regulates all kinds of movements in your body whether it may be working of senses, digestion and blood circulation, flushing out waste, respiration or bodily movements. It is considered as the principal combination out of the three.

People with Vata imbalance have an overactive mind, stay stressful, deal with issues of digestion, cold and cough, and nervous disorders. Intake of body warming food items, oil massages, and an aromatic therapy is very useful for those who have this problem.

  • Pitta

All metabolic activities, heat, and transformation of the body are governed by the Pitta. Those having a Pitta body type have an even temperament, beautiful hair and a good sensory perceptivity. This element is composed of Fire and Water, which denotes a complete balance.

Pitta Dosha makes a person workaholic, ambitious, demanding and outrageous. They might suffer from severe acidity, acne, poor vision and toxin accumulation in the blood. Such people should favor cool items in diet, practice aromatherapy to keep cool, avoid hot environment and regulate their food and sleep habits.

  • Kapha

The overall structure of the body, soothing mind and body, proper functioning of joints, blood, bones, fats, lymph fluid, marrow, and reproductive organs. The Water and Earth combination controls every part of the body which is related to flow or lubrication. This also commands the body weight.

Individuals suffering from Kapha Dosha tend to be overweight, have respiratory diseases like sinusitis, increased nasal congestion, poor sense of smell and taste, painful joints and arthritis, and back pain due to lessened lubrication. Warm temperature, vigorous exercises, and oils that can keep your body warm should be preferred more to get rid of Kapha Dosha.

Dealing with the Doshas is a very important issue. Your lifestyle and state of balance of your mind are swayed by these two-element combinations. Know your body type and stay healthy and happy.

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