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Know The 5 Stages Of Sleep For Better Rest

Having a good night’s sleep is one essential aspect of better health. Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning bright and start the day off with a positive mind. There are many factors why some people are deprived of sleep. An unhealthy diet is one of the main factors which destroys your sleep.

There are few stages where you can avoid being sleep deprived.

Stage One also known as a transition phase

So now you might be wondering what transition phase is? Let me put it in simple terms, it is a phase where you are partially awake, but your mind slowly shuts down. At this point, your muscle jerks and you feel a floating sensation that quickly puts you back to consciousness.

This feeling that you feel is known as hypnic myoclonia. Now let’s talk about the one thing that could make or break your sleep, mattress invented in the year, and most of us use it while we sleep. The bed that you sleep in also plays a vital role in keeping your body relaxed and helps your body pump blood from head to toe. You can search for a mattress store locator near me and find out the best mattress for you. At the end of stage one, you move to stage two.

Stage Two A Non-Rem Phase

At this stage, your breathing rate slows down, your muscle relaxes and your body temperature drops. The eye movement remains still at this stage. Your brain wavers the body into a deep sleep.

Stage Three and Four

At this stage, the person is in a deep sleep, and it isn’t straightforward to get up from the bed in this stage. Let’s say you have an alarm at five in the morning, how difficult is it to get up at exactly five in the morning? Here stage 3 and 4 are grouped because they are periods of slow waves sleep also abbreviated as SWS.

Slow waves sleep is the deepest sleep where there is complete no movement for the body. Your blood pressure drops, your breathing gets deeper throughout the process. Even though at this stage, your muscle doesn’t move, but it does some inner function onto the body. It is when some children get nightmares and wet the bed.

Stage Five

It is the last and final stage here an adult spends 20 % of sleep in stage five and children spend 50 %. It is the stage where we dream. Your breathing becomes shallow, and your limbs deadened, meaning you won’t feel your body at all. Since this is the last step, what happens at the end of stage 5? The answer is simple; we wake up from our sleep. Our body temperature increases, thus making us ready to get our day started at a good note.

The factor that affects our sleep

The bed on which you sleep plays a vital role to enhance your sleep. With bed comes the mattress. There are various mattresses which benefit the need for human sleep. The memory foam mattress benefits us from back pain.

There is plenty of design based on the bed. If you consider yourself an architect geek, you could check out the significance of bedroom and its decoration by yourself. As there are many pros, there are cons as well. You could rent a mattress for a month and see how it benefits your sleep. You could even check out the review of the product online.

Let’s say you found a company named luxury mattress and want to see how useful it was to other members who bought it. You could search luxury mattress review on the web and see if this product fits your needs.

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