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know the difference between Slective & double depth racks

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There is a wide variety of storage racks, which when choosing the right one for your industry, it is difficult to know which one to opt for. Regardless if you are going to set up your warehouse for the first time or are going to expand it to have other stores, it is important that you make the best decision regarding pallet racks; the two most commonly used types are selective racks and pallet racks.

Each type of rack has its own specifications, performance levels and storage capacities; these are the main factors that determine the type of rack they require for their warehouses. It is important to compare the pros and cons of each type of shelving system to know which one meets the requirements that meets your needs.

Selective shelving and double-depth pallet shelving are the most common in warehouses where the turnover of articles is medium or long. So that you can decide which of the two the best is for you, then we are going to talk about the characteristics of each one.

We will start with the double depth, this type of systems is one of the most profitable, since it requires little maintenance and its structures are simple, since they are designed to place the loads in pallets of the standard size, one of the most suitable for medium or large stores, which handle a large variety of products or oneself in large quantities.

In case of having large batches that require moving, it can be done easily and quickly by using pallet trucks or forklifts, with which you have access to 50 percent of the products immediately. They are enabled for the LIFO entry / exit system (acronym in English of Last in First out, last to enter first out) for inventory management. They are perfect if you are looking to eliminate aisles that do not contribute to productivity and to improve shelf space, since up to 40 percent of the aisles can be removed, compared to the use of selective racks.

It is considered an adaptable storage system, easy to reconfigure according to the changing needs of warehouses, its reconfiguration requires little time and can be done partially or totally in each warehouse. Similarly, it eliminates the need to expand warehouses or rent new spaces, since it maximizes the use of existing cubic space.

Their configuration results in a reasonable stock rotation, but if they require a high turnover they are not recommended. They have a very high level of security, since they have vertical protectors front and rear, which reduce the scope of damage. In addition, they include shelving end protection that streamlines operations, although additional investment is needed for specialized warehouse equipment, not to mention that operators need adequate training to perform safe and efficient loading / unloading maneuvers.

On the other hand, Mobile Storage Racks are one of the most used storage systems in recent years. They adapt to almost all the units of load with varied specifications thanks to his configuration can have direct access to all the pallets in the racks, by what allows the operations of entrance / exit of big volumes.

They are simple to install and reconfigure according to the needs and can be adjusted to any type of configuration, so they are considered the best cost-benefit options among the different types of warehouse racks. They guarantee a management of stock without cracks, with a frequent rotation; since they are compatible they are the system FIFO (abbreviations in English of First in First out, first in entering first in leaving) and LIFO.

For the placement of the pallets, a wide variety of equipment can be used, with a minimum of operational restrictions. As the name implies, they allow access to products through voluntary selection when necessary, and without having to move other products that have been stored.

They ensure a safe and accurate picking and packing, therefore significantly increasing the efficiency of the warehouses. They can be found in lightweight models for loads that do not represent a great weight, or in very resistant and versatile models for heavy work, which can be easily adapted to changes in commercial needs.

In its comparison, both the double depth racks and the selective racks are very efficient, your choice depends on which characteristics best suit your needs. Although we mention its main characteristics, it is always extremely important to consult with a specialized supplier, who gives them the best solution for storage according to a thorough analysis of the products they handle and the level of rotation of these, as well as a mapping of the operational activities of each company, in order to achieve operational efficiency for the highest level of security.

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