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Know the Difference Between Solar & Normal Batteryx`

If you go back in time, a century or two, people lived without any man-made source of energy. The only way to make portable energy at that time was either stream power or clockwork. However, now, batteries make your life easier. They are handy and compact power supplies. From small ones as tiny as a finger nail to big ones as wide as a tree trunk, batteries create safe and steady power supply whenever and wherever you need it.

You might think that a battery looks just as dull as anything you have ever seen. But the minute that you hook it up to an appliance, it begins to buzz. The bulky or little cylinder transforms into your micro power plant.

There are two types of batteries—standard and solar battery – that are used today.

Solar Battery

Wondering about the uses of the solar battery today?

You must know that solar energy is one of the fastest-growing sources of energy. The increase in use of solar power led to the rise of a renewable technology named solar batteries.

As solar panels are becoming popular day by day, people who are installing energy storage systems are discovering that a solar battery allows them to make the most of these solar products. And, you can also save the energy generated for foggy, grey, or cloudy days, when panel output is reduced, or during power or grid outages. Some people turn to solar batteries to disconnect from the grid completely.

The solar batteries today work like any rechargeable battery: the power of the sun recharges them. When the solar panels are not constantly generating electricity, the device in your home draws on the energy stored in the solar battery.

Installing a solar battery means you can reduce the carbon footprint of your home and bring it closer to self-sufficiency. For anyone who wants to ‘go green’ and reduce pollution, this is vital. Solar energy systems today create much less pollution than traditional fossil fuels and, in future years, can help a home consume fewer resources.

One of the key advantages of a solar battery is that it will help you save on your electricity costs. Back up your home with a solar battery system, and you’ll stop the power dealer fees, build self-sufficiency and save the energy you’re generating. All these are huge bonuses!

Normal Battery

On the other hand, standard battery stores DC power backup and is used primarily when there is no electricity. Standard batteries come in various versions, such as 12volt, 24volt, 36volt and 48volt etc. But the 12volt battery system is the most popular one. Battery backup begins in residential mode from 7ah to 220ah. But the popular battery is 150ah. This comes in two types of battery SMF (Sealed maintained free), and Liquid Battery.

The tubular battery has more power backup, and gradually discharges when it is not in use than flat plate batteries. With lithium-ion battery technology evolving at a very rapid rate, the drawbacks are worked on, and the technology is being improved. Though, to obtain the best from the li-ion battery technology, it is essential to know not only the advantages but also the limitations of the technology. In this way, you can use these batteries in a manner that plays to their strengths in the best way.

Solar Battery Storage: A Smart Idea

A solar battery can be a great way to stabilize the energy system for homeowners who have solar panels installed and enjoy a more stable system for years to come. You can purchase a long-lasting solar battery from reliable brands such as Luminous, who are pioneers in the green race. There is a variety of solar batteries like L and H types that are designed to withstand power outages with thick positive plates and 20 percent more electrolyte. Both have high purity, patented spine alloy structure, which is corrosion-resistant for extended battery life. Such a solar battery, besides, are extra-strong, lightweight, oxidation-resistant that gauntlets for better performance and long service life.

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