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Know the Practical Pros & Cons of Induction Cooktops

The discovery of fire led humans to evolve in their cooking practices. In addition to that, people also innovated new technologies to utilize technology to evolve cooking methods. Today the cooking practices are evolved and are compact, and the recent rich mode of cooking is termed as ‘Induction Cooking.’ Induction is referred to as a method for producing heat. It makes use of electromagnetism to cook the food. This is all about the electromagnetic reaction between the pots and the burner.

In this article, you will get a brief insight into the positives and negatives of using induction cooktops for cooking your food.

Positives or Pros of Using Induction Cooktops

People seem to love using induction cooktops for making delicious foods. So, here are some pros to motivate you about the efficacy of induction cooktops:

  1. Faster Cooking

The electromagnetic cycle of the induction cooktop has a faster response, and it heats the burner quickly than other traditional methods. If you sum this up in total figures, it will save around 50% of your cooking time every day. This will eventually speed up the process of cooking your favorite meal. The next time you have sudden guests at your home, use the best induction cooktops in India to avail faster cooking solutions to save yourself from embarrassment.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Along with the faster response of the induction cooktop, these innovations are also less energy-consuming. The heat produced is residual as the cooktop is not producing the heat. It is just transmitting the heat generated through the electromagnetic property directly to the pot or pan. This is the sole reason for less energy consumption that will result in lowered monthly energy bills.

  1. Safe Cooking

The cooking practices with the best induction cooktops in India is safer for the pets and kids around. The traditional cooktops were a bit risky for children to operate as they remain hot for a long time, even after cooking is done. In the case of the induction cooktops, the burner will remain comparatively less hot, which makes it quite safe for the kids and pets around to prevent any unwanted accidents. Moreover, right after you turn off the induction cooktops’ power, it will cool down in a matter of minutes.

  1. Less Mess While Cooking

Unlike other traditional cooktops, induction does not make much mess around, as cleaning the top is easy. A little mess while cooking is evident, but after cooking, sessions need to be easy and convenient. The induction cooktop has a glass surface on the top that requires a gentle wipe for a clean and new look. In this way, eventually, you will have no mess left around your cooktop for a longer time.

  1. Looks Are Elegant

You can evidently tell that the induction tops are more elegant in looks than the traditional cooktops. The glass-based top and the attractive crafted design with vibrant colors give these cooktops an amazing look. So, choose the best induction cooktops in India as per your requirements of looks and efficiency.

Negatives or Cons of Using Induction Cooktops 

Here are some negative points that are mostly neglected by the buyers but still you need to know it for a better idea:

  1. Induction Cooktops Are Expensive

Induction Cooktops are new technology and are in high demand today. For this, the price is also relatively higher and will eventually cost you more than the traditional cooktops.

  1. Separate Set of Cookware Required

You cannot use your existing cookware for cooking on induction heaters as it would damage the coil of the cooktop. If you are using your general cookware on induction, then the cooking will eventually not be perfect and will put excessive load on the burner as well.

  1. Electricity is Essential

This is one negative for which people keep gas stoves as a backup. Electricity is the powerhouse for induction cooktops. So, without electricity, you need to use your gas stoves for cooking.


Even with all the negatives, people still find a way to bear with it all because the perks of it make it a practical choice. With the induction cooktops, you can also go for buying the best kitchen chimneys in India from online stores to complete your kitchen setup.


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