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Know What Arthritis is And How To Deal With It

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Arthritis is a chronic disease of the joint, that causes inflammation and pain. Wearing out the joint cartilages due to these factors like hormonal imbalance, aging, heredity, obesity or we can also include the history of bone infection or any accidental injury that causes arthritis.

When the cartilages of bone get weakened by age then they also lose the power to repair themselves after daily wear and tear, a load of excessive body weight, the two bones heads at a joint are exposed to friction. The friction between the bones causes them to get eroded into the osteophytes and that lead to damage to the surrounding tissues.

The result is inflammation of joints that also cause arthritis. In our body, the joints of the shoulder, knee, hip, wrist, and ankle are much prone to the attack of arthritis.

Among the numerous kinds of arthritis, the common is rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The osteoarthritis has seen in aged people and it is caused due to the wearing out of cartilages. Rheumatoid arthritis attacks young people as it invades healthy tissues and organs. Gout is also one form of arthritis that also cause humans. But in this disorder, it is the accumulation of uric acid crystals within a joint.

Factors That Cause Arthritis

Genetic cause

It plays an important role in many illnesses. There are many signs that increase the risk of arthritis when certain factors present in the family.

Occupational hazards

There are many jobs that contribute to the onset of arthritis. There are some jobs in which worker have to repeat the same action again and again for the extended period of time that lead to the cause of arthritis in the hands, fingers elbows and shoulders. Jobs like construction and heavy lifting objects can contribute to arthritis in the ankles, knees, hips, spine etc.

Food allergies

Some people having allergies from the food that contribute to the inflammation of the joints. So people who have noticed any kind of allergy symptoms by intake of food then must avoid that food to eat in the future.


There are different types of arthritis that are caused by wear and tear of the cartilages. When a person gets aged the cartilage becomes more brittle and leave the joints with no cushions as the person gets increased by age arthritis get more severely occur.


As we all know extra weight increases the pressure on the joints such as hips, spine, knees, and ankles. This can result in the earlier symptoms of arthritis because the supported joints get accelerated.

Symptoms Of Arthritis


It is the first and foremost sign of arthritis. Whenever a person gets to suffer from arthritis this is the common symptom of joints pain.  It depends upon the condition that how the inflammation is and where it is. So when the accumulation of fluids and uric acid crystals comes between the joints that lead to pain.

Inflexibility or stiffness 

It is the symptom associated with inflammation or swelling. Some time patient is suffering from stiffness and at that time the joints may become non- functional.


It is another sign of arthritis. It is also called a primary symptom.  There is a little amount of fluid which is present in our joints in the normal condition. But when the joints are causing arthritis then that amount of fluid become increase and make the joints inflamed or swollen.

Redness of skin

Another symptom is when you get the redness around the joints. When something is damaged in the part of the body the immune system runs to destroy the causes of damage. And the result is the external skin gets reddened.

The patients who are suffering from arthritis have constipation and colitis.

Treatment Of Arthritis

Natural treatment

Includes as you can take garlic that promotes the blood circulation as well. Ginger you can eat that reduce the inflammation. Black pepper stimulates the heart, strengthen the arteries and also it acts as a natural pain reliever.  

Change the diet

You can also make a change in your diet as it also may reduce your arthritis symptoms.

Medical treatment

The medications that may help to reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis are top tram tramadol that is available in 50 mg and 100  mg. The other pain killers that also helps to reduce the pain are paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin. You can also prefer non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as cyclosporin and methotrexate.

Massage therapy

You can do the massage for a little time. As you will get some relief from this. Anyways the treatment for arthritis differs from each individual and the symptoms that they display.


It helps to retrenchment and proper execution of the functions of the kidneys as it also sustains the regularity of our heartbeats. When the joint pain is there, you also feel the burning sensation as it eliminated by the use of phosphorous and helps to regulate the nerves that send the message of pain to the brain.

Make the habit of exercise

Exercise is the last thing that you can do. So if you feel pain in your joints then you should definitely make the habit of exercise as it can help to manage the pain that you experience with arthritis.


You can also take the reference from the doctors if you are suffering from arthritis. If you can’t cope with the severe pain Consult doctor for alternative treatments like joint replacement therapy etc.

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