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Kochi Metro hires 23 transgender persons for various jobs

In a move that is set to overcome stereotypes, Kochi Metro has hired 23 transgender persons for various jobs such as customer relations, ticketing, housekeeping, etc. It’s a life changing moment for the selected transgender persons since before this, most of them used to do odd jobs and there was no scope for regular employment for them. The Metro project will start operations next month. The hired transgender persons are currently being given training, as part of their employment. The selected transgender persons appeared extremely excited about their new journey and it was difficult for them to hold their emotions. One of the selected candidates said that their selection will give society a new perspective. Most of them expect that they will get the respect and love of the passengers and their employers and co-workers.

Kochi Metro Rail Limited is a joint venture between government of India and the state government. Speaking about the hiring of transgender persons, an official from Kochi Metro Rashmi CR said, “We asked for 60 transgender people. We have appointed 23 till now and they are being trained for various functions including ticketing, customer relations and housekeeping, depending on their skills, qualifications.”

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