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Konkana provides new insights about how time influences the lives of men and women

The saying goes that men are from Mars and women from Venus. It’s difficult to check the authenticity of this information, but somehow, it seems true since men and women live completely different lives on planet Earth. This aspect has been beautifully explained by Konkana Sen Sharma in this thought-provoking video. The essential thing Konkana is trying to say here is that excluding a few exceptions, the lives of most men and women are governed by a set of key life goals and a specified time period to achieve those goals.

For example, an average man’s life is spent on getting education, finding a job, settling down to start a family and then enjoy the fruits as well as the monotony of retirement. In a woman’s case, it’s about getting education, raising children, and taking care of the family members. It’s clear that most men get plenty of time to explore their interests and excel in it whereas most women are just tied up with the responsibilities and chores at home. Per se, there’s nothing wrong in this, but the question arises what if a woman has a different approach to life and she wants to pursue her dreams? Would she be able to do that or will she be subdued by her responsibilities at home?

The answer lies hidden in Konkana’s video; one just has to connect the dots to understand it. In the video, Konkana says that time is the key criteria for what men and women do in their lives. Towards the end of the video, Konkana says that women need to find time to invest in their own lives, which means that women need to explore new possibilities outside the realm of their household responsibilities. And it’s not rocket science since many women are already juggling their professional careers and home responsibilities and doing it quite successfully and effectively.

Konkana’s video provides the right motivation to women to pursue their dreams and make a difference to the society. There are women who have already made their mark and there’s scope for many more aspiring women to transform their dreams into reality. It’s heartening to see that corporate entities are launching innovative woman empowerment programs to help these aspiring women in achieving their goals. One such initiative is the #FundYourOwnWorth, which has been launched by ICICI Bank. In the program, women with the most inspiring stories are given financial assistance of up to Rs 5 lakh under the Advantage Woman Awards.

The financial assistance is crucial to helping aspiring women achieve their goals. To help women #FundYourOwnWorth, a special ICICI bank savings account for women has also been launched. The Advantage Woman Savings Account comes with a wide variety of offers and benefits, which help ambitious women to realize their dreams.

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