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Korean Cultural Centre India Registration for 2nd Session of Online Korean Language Introductory Class, 2021

 1,200 limit seats were filled in three minutes.

Korean Cultural Centre India said 1,200 maximum capacity people were registered in three minutes again for the second ‘Online Korean Introductory Class in 2021. As soon as the Centre opened the application through Google Platform on April 12 and April 16, 2021, a total of 1,200 limit seats for 4 classes (2 weekday classes and 2 weekend) were completed in three minutes respectively, and the notice was posted on the Centre’s website a week ago.

The “Online Korean Introductory Class” has confirmed the possibility of spreading Korean to the general public through a pilot operation by Korean Cultural Centre(From August to November, One Session, 300 people) in a Pandemic situation in 2020.
Therefore Korean Cultural Centre has been proactively responding to the soaring demand for Korean language by expanding the number of ’Online Korean Introductory Class’ to 4,200 four times in 2021 in a non-face-to-face situation caused by Corona, and held the 1st Session ’Online Korean Introductory Class Certificate Ceremony’ on April 11 and April 15 each.

In particular, this time 2nd Online Korean Introductory Class will be divided into English medium and Hindi medium class which is expected to lead for many more people who want to learn Korean throughout India to join the 3rd and 4th Session of ’Online Korean Introductory Class’.

The most important thing to pay attention to this 2nd Session is that Indian teachers trained by the Korean Cultural Centre through ‘Korean Language Teacher training course’ will conduct the Hindi Medium Online Korean Introductory class which can be a good example to set the future direction through Korean Language education.

Hwang Il-Yong, Director of the Korean Cultural Centre India, said, “We expect the enthusiasm for studying Korean Language in India to be continued and expanded as we are the only cultural centre among 14 foreign cultural centers in India which open ’free online Language course’ without restrictions related with any eligibility for applying for the course.”

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