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Kotak Securities Free Intraday Trading (FIT) Is a Godsend for Self-Trading Customers

The Indian stock markets have a sizeable number of active traders/investors and almost one-third of these are self-trading customers. The enthusiasm and risk-taking appetite of self-trading customers are worth mentioning, as these enterprising individuals have continued to dabble in stocks even after the worst of stock market crashes. The only major problem faced by self-trading customers is the high brokerage that is charged on intraday stock transactions. The high brokerage is a constraint for many self-trading customers, as it impacts their ability to trade freely. For most intraday traders, the high brokerage is like running a race with their hands tied behind their back.

Kotak Securities Free Intraday Trading (FIT)

Thankfully, there’s good news for self-trading customers, as Kotak Securities has launched the first-of-its-kind Free Intraday Trading (FIT) account. This is a groundbreaking move by Kotak Securities and a dream come true for intraday traders. The Free Intraday Trading (FIT) account will allow retail traders to enter brokerage free intraday transactions across Cash, Futures and Options segment.

With Kotak Securities Free Intraday Trading (FIT) account, intraday customers can now trade as much as they want without worrying about increasing brokerage charges. Kotak’s FIT is being considered as a major disruptive platform that is expected to forever change the trading experience for self-trading customers. It will not only save cash, but also allow self-trading customers to improve their daily profits.

KEAT Pro X – Online Share Market Software

For maximum gains and enhanced user experience, intraday traders can use KEAT Pro X, which is an advanced online share market software offered by Kotak Securities. Here are some of the key features of Keat Pro X.

  • High speed trading: Every second matters in intraday trading, which is why Keat Pro X is designed to allow trades at super high speed. With Keat Pro X, you can execute trades at just the right moment to boost your overall profitability.
  • Stock recommendations: Kotak’s panel of research analysts work tirelessly to identify the best stocks to invest in. With stock recommendations available under Keat Pro X, you can trade in the most bankable stocks.
  • Live-streaming stock market data: Keat Pro X provides live-streaming data from BSE, NSE & NSE currency markets. You can track various aspects such as top gainers, top losers, most active stocks, movement of Sensex, Nifty, etc.
  • Portfolio manager: Keat Pro X has a dedicated portfolio manager that allows you to easily track your stock positions. The values are updated in real time, allowing you to get the best view of your profit/loss.
  • Watchlists: You can create watchlists to track stocks in real time. This will provide you the opportunity to invest in stocks at the right time.
  • Advanced charting tools: You can create dynamic graphs and charts, which will make it easier for you to understand the performance of your favorite stocks. You can also view projected future performance of stocks, which will allow you to make informed decisions.

Keat Pro X comes free with Kotak Securities Trading Account. It is integrated with BSE, NSE and NSE currency markets and allows trade in equities, derivatives and currencies. Keat Pro X is highly customizable, which helps deliver the best trading experience, as per the specific needs and requirements of intraday traders. With Keat Pro X, you can gain full control of your portfolio and intraday buy & sell transactions.

Kotak Securities Free Intraday Trading (FIT) is a game changer

Kotak Securities Free Intraday Trading (FIT) account is available for an annual subscription of just Rs 999. You can carry out unlimited intraday transactions during the year and benefit from the advanced features and functionalities available under Keat Pro X. There is only a nominal brokerage of 1 paisa per scrip traded.

With Kotak Securities Free Intraday Trading (FIT) account, you will have the freedom to trade as much as you want. This will provide you with more opportunities to execute trades that are profitable. You will also be saving around Rs 5000 per month on brokerage charges. This calculation is based on the average brokerage paid per day by intraday self-traders. So, if you want to achieve the best outcomes from your intraday trades, it’s time to get your Free Intraday Trading (FIT) from Kotak Securities.

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