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Kundan Jewelry: Timeless creations from Indian craftsmen

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There is a lot to like about the Kundan jewelry. Coming with stunning designs, dazzling stones and royal looks, these jewelry are a must have for Indian women. The history Kundan jewelry goes many centuries back. These are products of finest Rajputana craftsmanship. When the royal Rajput families needed something special to wear on those grand occasions, they invariably had their master craftsman create a masterpiece in Kundan jewelry. Even today, the best exponents of Kundan jewelry can be found in Jaipur and Bikaner. Most of the craftsmen are carrying on the rich legacy left by their forefathers.

Not every jeweler can craft the perfect piece of Kundan necklace, for there is a lot of expertize involved in the process. One has to decide the end result for the piece even before starting out. Based on the vision, the craftsmen have to select the stones, mold the design and look into the other pecuniary details. The most important criteria lies in the selection of stone colors. While gold forms the grand backdrop for a gorgeous Kundan necklace, but it needs to be complemented well by the colorful stones. It is only when both these aspects blend together perfectly that the onlookers are left in awe!

The timelessness of Kundan necklaces can be gaged from the fact that even today such jewelry is considered to be a mandatory wear on weddings and other grand personal occasions. While the designs and motifs on Kundan necklaces have transformed over the years, one thing has remained constant: their popularity among women who want to look good on those special days. In the recent years, the costly gold or silver has been replaced with other artificial metals to make Kundan jewelry cost effective. The replacement of expensive metals has not impacted the finer aspects of such jewelry any bit.

Apart from necklaces, Kundan earrings are also very popular among the fashion loving Indian women. Kundan earrings come in a range of styles and designs. While some of them are specially made for those grand occasions, others can be worn for casual outings as well.

Kundan bracelets have also become an integral part of Indian bridal wear. Intricately detailed and impressively designed Kundan bracelets have substituted the traditional bangles. Such bracelets transform your wrists into something really charming.

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