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Kundan Necklace Sales Soar This Festive Season

kundan necklace

Prominent jewelers in the country have reported that sales of Kundan jewellery items such as Kundan necklace have soared during the festive season. This trend is expected to continue all the way up to Diwali. Festive season is the time when women have every reason and the opportunity to flaunt their prized possessions such as Kundan jewellery. It is also the best time to showcase one’s entire collection that includes items like jhumka, chandbaali and other types of Indian jewellery items.

Jewelers say that this year’s trend is quite similar to past years, wherein an increased demand was seen for Kundan jewellery during the festive and wedding season. The allure for Kundan jewellery is primarily due to its attractiveness, which is at par with other forms of Indian jewellery. In case of specific items such as Kundan necklace, these jewellery pieces come out as absolute beauties. When created by skilled and experienced craftsmen using high-quality materials, Kundan necklace looks extraordinarily beautiful and it’s difficult to get your eyes off it.

Kundan jewellery also reflects several hundred years of Indian culture and traditions. It is an art form that existed many centuries earlier and is said to have originated in Rajasthan and made its way to Gujarat. In earlier times, Kundan jewellery was designed for royal families and it was part of family possessions that were passed on from one generation to another. Kundan jewellery gained further popularity during the Mughal rule, when it became the preferred choice of Mughal queens. In the movie Jodhaa Akbar released in 2008, the lead female character played by Aishwarya Rai can be seen wearing a wide variety of Kundan jewellery. This highlights the link between Kundan jewellery and Rajasthan royalty and explains how it got popular during the Mughal period.

The fact that Kundan jewellery shares a rich legacy is one of the reasons why many people prefer this type of jewellery. Gold is another reason, as its common knowledge that Indians have an insatiable appetite for gold. Kundan jewellery items such as Kundan necklace involve extensive use of gold, which is why it is preferred in the country.

Another reason for increased demand for Kundan jewellery is because it fits perfectly with traditional and ethnic Indian clothing. Festive season is the time when ethnic clothing takes center stage and it is best paired with Kundan jewellery. The combination of ethnic clothing and Kundan jewellery can easily help a woman achieve the resplendent beauty and aura of a queen. This is one of the main reasons why Kundan necklace sales are soaring this festive season.

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