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L. N Gupta

l n gupta

L.N Gupta (Director, Powertex) is almost close to be called an growing entrepreneur. He accompanied his father in business and was trained by his able brother in law at a very early age of 20, his while doing his Masters in Commerce (M.Com.). His view towards the business was fresh & futuristic. Manoj Gupta was equally astute. He finished his MBA in Finance and accompanied his brother. TCT blades and abrasives were what they were first selling.

L.N  Gupta’s first trip to China was when he was 19. A keen observer of the market trends, he had a vision. A vision to launch his own brand. They rolled out the first set of POWERTEX power tools in the Indian market in 2002

It’s been 20 years now and their reputation as principles is very commending. While implementing cost-effective operational plans, maintaining established quality business standards they are also known for their innovative ideas in marketing.

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