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Lakme absolute Pore fix toner – Product review

Hey ladies, have you ever come through an incident where one is looking continuously at your face for a while? That time you might be perplexed. The fact is that you may have firm skin tone or you may have open pored skin. Both chances are there!!

Congratulate if you have firm skin. But….if you have open pores, then this product is must-to-use.
Open pores basically attracts more dirt in your skin especially on face region thus makes it lose, dull and less attractive. Tight pore is 
 the secret to look younger.
How it looks – It’s a transparent liquid comes in attractive translucent lavender colour plastic bottle. It has nozzle with spray.
How to use –
Take a small quantity of spray on a dab of cotton, apply it on your face and leave it for overnight or you can use it in the morning also.
Price – 275 INR for 60ml
My experience –
I buy this product online since 6 months before. I am quite satisfied with this toner for it has improved the tone of my skin. The moment I apply it on my face, I feel refreshing and clean and clear. I can see remarkable changes in the size of my pores.

Pros of Lakme absolute toner –
1. Its long lasting
2. It has spary nozzle with it, so it stops the wastage of the toner.
3. You will feel fresh when wipe across the face due to clear,Runny and non sticky texture
4. Alcohol free
5. Travel friendly and convenient packaging
Cons of Lakme absolute toner –
1. It’s costly as compared to its volume.
2. Contains parabens
Tips to Apply Toner –
1. Apply gently in upward motion 
2. You can use cotton buds or can directly apply from bottle as it’s pump is enough to spray.
Would I recommend Lakme absolute Pore fix toner ???
I would strongly recommend it to everyone who are suffering from lager open pores as it does tightening the skin and gives you a smooth and soft look. Very important thing is, it does not contain alcohol as other toners.
Suggestions – Fragrance can be changed. It will be better if it comes in fruity smell.
My Rating for Lakme absolute Pore fix toner – 4.2/5
By: Archana Raulo


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