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Landscape – All that meets the eye!


Do you dream of a home that is amidst greenery and perfect landscaping? An aesthetic sense coupled with keen observation faculties will make a good landscape designer to weave a picturesque combination of natural elements with construction patterns. Functional returns from landscaping are a substantial reduction of decibel and temperature levels in one’s home, while sticking to the concepts of beauty. A well structured landscaping thus brings with it effects on heating and cooling of the environment around the house.

The vacant backyard or front yard are the best sought after places for landscaping, which will be instrumental in transforming the very feel of a home into a cozy habitation.

The following are the tips to follow for an appealing landscape for a home

Planning – for effectiveness

Basic elements of balance, texture, color and height are considered while setting out on an expedition to acquire materials for landscaping. Planning comes in the form of sketching the entire house, depicting pools, walkways and other permanent structures. Innovative moves to retain already existing trees and plants can also be beneficial.

Important Things – Not to be overlooked

Inclusion of plants in the home landscape should be in conjunction with a detailed study of their impact on home systems like water pipes, gutters, roofing materials and air conditioning units. Placement of these is of utmost importance so as not to cause damage to existing systems or people for that matter.

Available Spaces put to maximum use

Matching the requirements of people in the house, a landscape can have a children’s play area, a barbeque or gazebos for outdoor gatherings. If cutting down on noise levels is the main intention, owners can opt for hedges to mute the constant buzz of vehicular traffic.

Natural Light and Plants

Natural sunlight is deterministic of the type of plants that need to be planted or bought. Shaded areas can be divided into areas of complete shade or partial shade. This is best for plants which cannot survive in excessive heat. Hence such plants which appeal to the owner in addition to which match his style can be procured.

Other Ornamental Features

While plants lend a natural feel to a landscape, inanimate ornamentals like jars, murals, decorative stones and lightings, accentuate the very look of a landscape and landscape design consultant . A subtle use of water features in combination with bird baths can lend an artistic appeal to the landscape, without sounding too loud.

Designing Techniques

Symmetry is all what it takes to provide continuity in different areas. This can be achieved by the use of anchor plants. These can be used in repetition to provide uniformity in design. Planting similar shrubs using similar patters will also create a perfect balance in designing. Variations can also be incorporated by planting shrubs with different leaf textures and colors in combination with pebbles and stones.

Decorative Walkways

Decorative pavements lend an artistic look to a rather morbid plain concrete walkway, by choosing between a variety of colors and textures, too. Colorful and unique plants add their natural fell to these walkways.


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