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Latest Electronic Gadgets Under Rs 1000

Every organization has a budget in mind when buying corporate gifts for employees. Employee satisfaction is necessary, but keeping costs in check is also the responsibility of the organization. In most cases, the preference is for gifts under Rs 1000. This offers decent value to employees, all while keeping expenses in check for the organization. Let’s take a look at some gadgets that can be purchased for under Rs 1000.

USB LED Light: This is quite handy, as it can be used during power cuts and for night reading purposes. It can be powered by any USB based power source such as powerbank, USB in PC/laptop, and USB power adapters. It is flexible, convenient to carry, and can be twisted/rotated in the needed direction.

Laptop table: Employees do a lot of work from home these days, which is why a laptop table will be perfect gift for them. With a laptop table, employees can comfortably work on their sofa or bed. Organizations need to choose laptop tables that are lightweight yet sturdy, can be easily folded, and have the provision for adjusting height and slant angle.

Electronics and accessories organizer: Most people nowadays own a handful of gadgets and accessories, which need to be carried along when travelling or during daily commutes from home to office and back. An electronics and accessories organizer would be very useful for employees, as they can carry everything in a single case. Risk of breakage will also be reduced, as these organizers are made from soft, impact cushioning material.

Extension cord: With so many gadgets lying around the house, people often run out of points to charge these devices. An extension cord can be very useful, as it can support charging for multiple gadgets simultaneously. An extension cord with individual switches is the most sought after these days.

E-writer: This is a great way to go paperless. Employees can make to-do lists, take notes, create diagrams and draw anything else they want. Anything written on the e-pad can be erased instantly with a one-touch button. It can be used by children as well.

Organizations should try to make the best possible use of the funds allocated for corporate gifts for employees. The focus should be on buying latest electronic gadgets that would be beneficial to the employees. For example, a useful gadget worth Rs 200 will be better than an Rs 1000 gadget that does not have much use for employees. Organizations need to evaluate this aspect before finalizing their decision for buying corporate gifts for employees.

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