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Laundry tips and hacks for the monsoon season

Many of you reading this article must be really fond of the monsoon season. And why not! It is indeed a season that most of us love and have some of the best childhood memories attached to this season. But when it comes to the multitude of hassles that comes along with it when we grow up, it is indeed daunting. Be the smallest of things such as stepping out of home for any work is a big thing in itself. Laundry care is another important issue in this season.

After reading this article, you would be completely ready to sail through the monsoon season with ease. Read the below tips to follow:

Washing tips:

  1. Wash dry clothes and wet clothes separately for hygiene purpose
  2. So whenever you come home drenched, directly put your clothes for laundry rather than keeping it in the laundry basket for later
  3. Wet clothes usually should be rinsed with a disinfectant like Dettol
  4. Remove the mud stains as soon as you reach home. Though these do not generally leave a stain after washing but why not take the chance
  5. If you are worried about bacterial growth or dampness in the clothes during this season, just pour 2 spoons of vinegar in the water and rinse your clothes

Drying tips:

  1. Drying up clothes in the monsoons is a big mess. So it is always advisable to prepare a makeshift drying lines indoor
  2. In case of a dry day, make full use of it. Ventilate your home completely by keeping all your doors and windows open
  3. In case you are going to dry your clothes indoors, let them drip dry in the washroom itself to avoid water spillage in the room
  4. Use hangers as they take less space and so you an accommodate more
  5. Prioritise clothes that urgently needs to be cleaned and the keeps the rest for weekend mostly
  6. Always use a dehumidifier in your home to keep the bacterial/fungal growth at bay, that might happen because of damp atmosphere
  7. If your clothes do not dry even in two days, use a hot iron to dry them

We are sure that if you follow these tips and tricks during the rainy season, you would be able to get rid of almost all your laundry woes. So, keep these hacks in mind and embrace the monsoons with a happy and peaceful mind.


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