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Laundry tips for college students

A student’s life is already so much hassled that the laundry is usually the last thing that attracts their attention. It always comes as a nightmare to the students and is usually done when it is absolutely critical. This article will give you some tips that will not only help you save time but also keep the clothes well maintained:

  1. Establish a routine:

Never stockpile dirty/used clothes as they will not only increase the last minute pressure for you to clean them all at once, but also is quite an unhygienic habit. It is always best to clean used clothes everyday just before you take shower. And since you are washing the clothes everyday after single wear, it is very effortless cleaning and not at all time consuming

  1. Pre-treat stains:

Whenever there is any stain on your clothes, don’t soak them directly in bucket completely or put them in the washing machine. It is always advisable to first treat that specific area with a cleaning agent like bleach, or just targeted cleaning with detergent. This ensures that the stain does not expand to other parts.

  1. Sort clothes:

Always clean white clothes separately and coloured clothes separately. This will ensure that the colour bleeding does not cast a colour on other white clothes. Same is the case with winter clothes. Wash them separately from summer clothes as the cleaning process is different for both.

  1. When in doubt use cold water:

Whenever you are confused in term of what kind of water to use for a specific clothe type, always go for cold water as it is best suited for most fabrics. Though at times it is better to use hot water to get rid of certain stains but if you do not exactly know then opt for the latter.

  1. Don’t let clothes sit in the washer for long:

There are times when you put clothes for washing but don’t get time to rinse them off of put them in dryer. In such case, it is better to either to not plan laundry on a cleaning day. And if you have already put it, then it is advisable to take a little extra time out but rinse them off and put them to dry.



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