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Learn from the best at ‘cyph3r’, Dubai, UAE, 19 – 23 Nov 2017

As more and more people and processes transition to the digital world, they face an ever increasing risk of cyber threats. No doubt, security systems have become more robust and advanced than earlier, but cyber criminals tend to remain one step ahead in the game. In 2014, nearly 1 billion Personally Identifiable Information (PII) records were stolen. Globally, more than 25 percent of the organizations have experienced an APT (advanced persistent threat) attack. In the most recent past, the WannaCryranson attack devastated many businesses and organizations, an attack which acted as a wakeup call for cyber security experts. Digitalization cannot be stopped since it is the future of mankind, which implies that cyber security professionals would have to work even harder in the future to secure critical data and systems.

To defeat such cyber threats, cyber security experts will have to be highly pro-active. Simply reacting to a cyber-threat won’t help much as the damage would have been done by then. Cyber security experts themselves need to pro-actively search for security loopholes that may be present in any system and fix it before it can be exploited by a cyber-criminal. “Cyph3r” by Ejtemaat is one such initiative that aims to train and to skill cyber security professionals in the latest cyber warfare techniques and strategies.cyph3r, a conference to be held from 19thto 23rd November 2017 in Dubai, UAE, is a unique ethical hacking and learning platform for individuals; cyber security professionals;technology leaders and; organizations. The event is most appropriate for CTOs, CIOs, Chief Technology Security Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Head of It Security, ICT managers, security researchers, IT directors, and cyber security students.

cyph3r is a 4-day conference where participants will get to learn about the current as well as emerging cyber threats. The learning and skill training will cover all the various topics such as mobile device threats, email threats, social media threats, web application threats, phishing attacks, Wi-Fi threats, Bluetooth threats, etc. The event will also feature key insights and cyber threat outlook sessions, which would be presented by some of the leading names in cyber security. Participants will get the chance to interact with each other and the security experts present at the event. cyph3r will also host a plethora of ethical hacking workshopsfor college students, where participants can learn more about the latest tools and techniques being utilized by cyber criminals. It will train and skill the participants in the most appropriate manner which will enable then to effectively tackle cyber threats as and when they happen in the real world.

cyph3r has been designed in an interesting format to provide participants withmaximum interaction with cyber security experts. cyph3r recognizes the importance of sharing information among cyber security teams, which is one of the focus areas of the event. By learning from each other, cyber security professionals can act as a formidable force against cyber criminals and their nefarious plans. The cyph3r conference by Ejtemaat will provide the perfect opportunity to cyber securityprofessionals to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments and best practices in cyber security. 

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