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Leonar Mardirosian: The Exemplary Music Canvas

Leonar Mardirosian

With fresh and out of the box ideas, Leonar Mardirosian has achieved in a milestone in music industry and aims to scale further into the horizon. At the young age of 10, this talent head, born in Tehran, developed a knack for learning instruments and singing rhythmic tunes of his favourite songs.

The Childhood

Back in the childhood days, singing and playing instruments were nothing but hobbies for Leonar, which soon moulded into the form of profession perfected with passion. His passion for scaling high as a percussionist came from Giovanni Hidalgo and the legend Ricky Martin inspired him to work on the pathway of a singer.

Practice Makes a Man “Perfect”

Mardirosian has been a stern believer of hard work with patience and daily practice is what gets him going. His moved like a magnet to the music industry and all this started as he played “Conga” tunes on the tables. The turning point of his life was a local concert that inspired him to take lessons in music to attain perfect and all is history from that point on.

Singing out the Tunes

Leonarbelieves a good singer needs to be the best showman to impress his listeners. With added creativity and a hint of fun & frolic music can get drive a passionate follower to place and this is what the young singer aims to achieve. He currently holds fluency in playing instruments such as Drums/Percussion, Piano, and Guitar while humming some of his favourite tunes both originals and covers.

The Memories

As a performer, Leonar cherishes a vivid collection of his experiences but he dubs the best one as his performance over the World Class Stage where he acquired the chance to interact and entertain an amazing international audience. His performance at the Microsoft Theater located at Los Angeles stands as one among his favourite venues.

Success: One Step at a Time

Leonar believes that negative criticism, unless it helps you with improvement, will surely bring you down in the pathway to success. The key is to filter out the de-motivating negativities and follow the dreams one step at a time. He also derives his ideas from his fans by listening to what they want and what they don’t while analyzing the ideas to create a story with music.

Work for your Heart

With amazing hits on his score board such as “Death List” and “Sadeh”, the singer is an epitome of Persian culture served on a platter at the international platforms. He dubs that he always pursued his passion and a similar suit should be followed by all passionate art lovers. With time, Leonar has brought together a team of capable achievers that hold fluency in various art forms that include singing, directing, as well as song production. With state of the art equipments at their disposal, the team is now aiming for future projects that would be dedicated to the millennial generation and desi music with modern tadka.

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