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Leonardo DiCaprio: The Hero & Activist For Global Climate Change

Leonardo DiCaprioIf you’ve been living in a forest, it still would be unacceptable if you have no idea about Leonardo DiCaprio. Being a renowned filmstar and environmentalist he showed to the world that his fame can be used to save the environment that is heading towards destruction. The movie ‘Titanic’ made girls all across the world drool over him and that movie made him iconic. Here are some of the ways by which this 44-year-old star has been an advocate of the planet and all those who reside in it.

  1. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Within two decades, the LDF has awarded grants of about $80 million to more than 200 environmentalist projects working in all five oceans and 50 countries. In association with Kenya’s Mikoko Pamoja, the LDF focuses on preserving Mangrove Forests. It also has a partnership with international organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, the Wild Foundation and Oceana.

  1. Public Speaking

In 2016, as the Oscar acceptance speech, he used the global platform to express his concern about climate changes that are happening. This wasn’t the first time he used the Oscar ceremony’s platform to raise awareness. In 2007, along with Vice President Al Gore, he announced that the event had associated with the Natural Resources Defence Council to reduce carbon footprint.

  1. Film Work

Being in Hollywood for more than 25 years, Leonardo is conscious about the power a film has to evoke awareness about the growing concern. The Oscar winner has produced various documentaries on the environment and animal welfare. DiCaprio narrated and produced “The 11th Hour” and its auction had raised almost $40 million for the LDF. The event was the highest environmental charity event ever held.

  1. Animal Welfare and Conservation Work

Through his LDF projects, he has worked to save the species those who are on the verge of extinction. The LDF funded about $10 million to a Nepalese conservation project for preserving wild tigers. Along with the funding of projects, the LDF also campaigns to prevent the inhuman trade of animal products like ivory.  Among the six areas that the LDF focuses on preserving and bettering the environment for its inhabitants, two areas are specifically devoted to wildlife activism. These are- Marine life and Oceans & Wildlife and Landscapes.

Bottom Line:

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the biggest source of inspiration who has proven himself as a modern-day hero on both on-screen and off-screen. His charity work goes on and on regardless of wherever you are.

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