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Let Your Employees Choose Their Gifts For Greater Satisfaction

The idea of corporate gifts for employees has been there for quite some time, but its workings are changing in today’s age. Rather than gifting the same item to every employee, like a backpack or diary, organizations are allowing employees to choose their gifts. This seems more logical, as employees can get the things they really need. When an organization allows its employees to choose their gifts, it results in greater satisfaction for the staff.

How employees can choose their gifts?

Technology has made it really simple for employees to choose their gifts. The first step is to prepare a list of all corporate gift ideas that are feasible as per the company’s budget. After this, various methods can be used to allow employees to choose their gifts.

  • Google forms: This is free and can be used to collect inputs from all employees. A link to the online form can be provided to employees, who can then enter their preference for the gifts.
  • Intranet: Most companies have their intranet portal, which can be used to collect inputs regarding corporate gift ideas for employees.
  • Mobile app: Organizations can develop an app that can be used to record employee preferences regarding the gifts that they want from their company.
  • Ballot: In case the company lacks technology tools or doesn’t want to use them for any reason, the old system of simple ballot also works fine. Ballot boxes can be placed at company premises and employees could be asked to write their gift preference along with their name and employee ID on a sheet of paper and drop it in the box.

Organizations can also choose to completely outsource this activity to a corporate gift supplier. A renowned corporate gift supplier can be expected to have a dedicated system where employees can log in with their name and employee ID and register their gift preference. It is also possible that personalization options can be provided to employees, which will be a truly delightful experience for the staff.

Saddling every employee with the same gift doesn’t make sense, as quite a few employees may already have that item. It is also possible that some employees may not actually need that item. When technology has made it possible to collect employee inputs with just a few clicks, it makes sense to allow the staff to choose their corporate gift ideas. It creates a win-win for everyone and helps achieve optimal results from corporate gifts for employees’ initiative.

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